MERISTEME | Isabell Schulte


Bärbel Praun
Isabell Schulte
Ömer Faruk Kaplan
Yannick Riemer
Sophia Domagała

curated by Felix Becker

In the large-format drawing part IV (2019) by Isabell Schulte, repetition, change and singularity are in a particular state of tension. The artist has used her pencil to create countless different repetitions of shapes and lines on the larger-than-life-sized sheet of paper, creating the impression of a description of movement with only minimal changes within their linear arrangement. Like a flip-book, except that in Schulte's work all the pages can be seen at once at a glance. A huge cellular basin in which everything is changing at the same time. The viewer's eye is invited to immerse itself in the drawing and read it, as it were, from left to right, from right to left, from top to bottom, from bottom to top or across, as a story of forms and symbols. This also creates a phonetic dimension - Schulte's work is like an highly complex graphic notation for an immense orchestra.

Isabell Schulte
part IV
Pencil on paper
218 x 316 cm